Self confident?

Our realities are intertwined with our parents. If our parents and relatives tell us that we are intelligent, affectionate, kind people, we come to believe and we project that when we talk with other people or interact in any area of ​​life. I still remember when my father told me: You are brave Claudia … you are brave… and I really have been brave! 

When we are children we see the world through our parents and relatives. Unconsciously and consciously, we model behaviors, habits and interests inspired by them.

These experiences are stored in our brain from babies, children, adolescents and finally manifest in our adult life.

Is our personality  the reflection of those experiences that we live through our development and growth? Yes!

Do we come to the world without any memories? Like a blank paper …? No, we dont!

Since we are born, we come to the world with a legacy of information in our brain. This information has been inherited from our parents. 

It is clear that this legacy of inherited information is also complemented by our life experiences. According to Sigmund Freud, a person can understand himself and be understood by others, through their different stages in human sexuality.

But … what is the relation   between self confident and human sexuality? Well, it has relation of Everything and Nothing.

Everything:  Only when I am aware of those painful life experiences that prevented my development and emotional and intellectual growth at a certain time, only then, I can heal and become a fuller person. Healing is a decision of your own, which involves letting go and forgiving, it is not easy but neither is it impossible.

Nothing:  As long as I continue to act automatically in my life, I do not take responsibility for my development.

Self Confident  begins by recognizing  my own decisions, luck or misfortune. Based on my past, the  experiences in my life  marked me  the person that I am today, but that does not It’s enough,  the true act of love begins by  forgiving and letting go.

Let go means, see that person, situation, place, song, smell and not suffer more … It is to breathe deeply … to fill the lungs with oxygen and to exhale let go …

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